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Textbook “Doodles”

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Challenge August 1, 2016 - November 12, 2016

For hundreds of years, students have improved their textbooks with doodles– from humorous self-portraits to philosophical musings coming out of the mouths of those stock photos.


Here’s your chance to Upcycle some textbook pages with your best doodles and submit for Challenge #1. Pen… #2 Pencil… Marker… Paint Brush… Highlighter Pen… whatever. Unleash your inner doodle.


The winner will be determined by the community with Shares (1 point each) and Likes (also 1 point each). The Shares and Likes will be tallied up on August 1st and high score wins.



The Prize

Bragging rights
and a limited-edition
Upcycling Textbooks T-shirt.

How To Submit

Submit your project with title and description and add the hashtags #upcycling #.
Then share with friends and get likes.