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Earth Day Kick-Off, Space Center Houston
April 18, 2015

Space Center Houston has invited us to partner with them for their big Earth Day Kick-Off. That means launchable rockets made from upcycled textbooks—including pinwheel rockets, a stealth rocket and a 1/100th scale Saturn 1B. And join us for a special launch as these one-of a kind “textbook rockets” spin and soar through the skies—some are predicted to blast several hundreds feet high. Will they fly? Who knows? We’ll share live from the launch pad.


We’ll also have a photo booth where festival-goers can give us their best pose with upcycled textbook props, such as… more textbook rockets!





Origami artist, Gabriel Frampton, will be folding origami and paper airplanes out of old textbook pages. Come see his origami creations and incredible flying machines. Give it a try yourself, make some of your own textbook origami or fold paper airplanes out of old textbook pages and help inspire more environmentally friendly learning tools!