Upcycling Textbooks is a movement determined to advance education beyond textbooks, with more affordable, more environmentally friendly and more personalized learning tools.

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Use your creativity to inspire change… move the world beyond textbooks. Grab an old textbook, possibly one collecting dust on your shelf right now.


Look at it. Don’t think about what it is. Think about what it could be. Could it be a hat? A rocket? Origami? A planter? A work of fine art? A sketchbook? A dress? A musical instrument? Could it be pulverized into “papercrete” to fill potholes for cyclists? Could it be a piñata stuffed with highlighter pens?


When you have an idea, make it… upcycle the textbook(s). Then post it here… tweet it, FB it, post it on tumblr, make a Vine, put it on Instagram… share it anywhere and everywhere. And share the upcycled textbooks others have made, too.


We want to show the world that there are a lot of amazing ways to look at these learning tools. But we especially want to show the textbook makers, faculty, and every other decision-maker in higher education, that if we can look at these textbooks and make something better, they can too.


We’d like the textbook makers, faculty, and every other decision-maker in higher education to do what we did, take another look at those textbooks. Don’t think about what they are. Think about what they could be. Please give us something better. We know you can.

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